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Crasis - 1. Of Mixed Feelings/Desires/Style

            2. Best rock/metal/melodic band to come out of Wales (for Punk see links page



Thursday 30th Of October

Updated site for new name (Crasis), changed member bios to individual accounts (except for Bambi, he can’t write :P). Finalised Links page.

Hallowe’en (Friday)

Complete update of site, including new pages: Equipment, Influences page.

Monday 16th Of November

Big move!! No longer, its I also uploaded my bio site, and I’m waiting for Isaac to do the same so I can link his page. Bambi has embarked upon a new side-project with Octane, as their drummer (hopefully it won’t clash with anything Crasis).

Tuesday 25th Of November

Forum up and running, can be found here. You’ll need to sign up to post a topic, or reply to a thread.


Thursday 19th Of February

Long Time No Update. I’ve updated the site style, it’s now “Jazz” (courtesy of Netobjects), given Isaac his Iceman, changed a few influences.

Monday 22nd Of March

 Kie said I should update the site more, but there’s really nothing to update. I’m in the process of composing three new songs, with a little help from Isaac for the guitar (I am a bassist after all). Made a shopping list for all the bass effects I want (morley power wah, morley pvo volume, digitech chorus, big muff distortion) and it comes to £322 :S, so I need a job. Think the first one I’ll get is the Wah, or the Big Muff. Not much else...we got a new practice place, getting heavily into Metallica, Isaac must be in a creative lapse, Kie drank himself to oblivion :-/

Tuesday 23rd Of March

 Random site update by me and kie.

Kie: Yes the lamas seem to be heavily influenced.

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Track Listing

1.All I Want           2.Unnamed song (Twiggy)                3.Unnamed song (Twiggy)                4.Unnamed Song (Twiggy)

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