The Band


 Where We Came From

 We Are a band with the whole world to conquer but not enough time to do it (damn school/parents).

Crasis started out as a mini-project between Bambi and Isaac, under the name Ethos, after both finding out they had skills in an instrument (Bambi plays drums and Isaac plays guitar). These two being the core members, they searched around for other members. Their first priority was, surprisingly, not a bassist; they instead got a new rhythm guitarist (ego-brained alex tuck). Next, Nicola Richards (name changed due to the originals extreme stupidity) had a trial at bass, but only managed to get as far as fretting the string...therefore he was kicked to uranus with force.

 Twiggy, a nerdy lowlife who hung around with Isaac while mopping up his lank, greasy hair, was then asked to become bassist....who refused and wanted to become guitarist (as if he had a choice). But Alex refused to move from his prestigious spot, and instead Twiggy finally became bassist. People finally became aware of Alex’s bigheadedness, and threw him out, where he soon moved onto “Better things than your little rock band”. Our vocalist was then non-existent...teenage boys’ vocal chords aren’t exactly good for a band...but in stepped Bambi’s then girlfriend Katherine. But it kind of fizzled has actually yet told her she’s out of the band, and not everyone thinks she should be out of the band, it just...doesn’t happen...But onwards ho!

 The band then struggled to find equipment; so far, Isaac had his crappy westfield, no amp; Twiggy had nothing; Bambi had nothing but a pair of sticks. But soon, Twiggy bought a bass, Kie bought a session pro drum kit (with modifications), and Isaac has his Iceman

 The band take heavy influences from System of a Down; it’s the main shared interest between us all. We’re also getting into Metallica (Twiggy) and Machine Head (Kie+Isaac)

 For more information, look at each of the Member Bio Pages.

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