The Band


 What Do We Use?

 We use guitars and drums. Here we show off our amazing equipment to make ourselves feel good.



 Iím making these pages, so Iíll go first Ďcause I want to.

 I use an ESP Ltd F-204, which has a thin, jazz-style neck that is amazing for fingerpicking and aggressive pick work, but not as good for slap and funk stuff. It has a 35Ē scale from nut to bridge, making it over half my height, and has a bolt on neck with smooth seam at the body. The pickups are EMG Hz, and the whole setup is powered by an EMG B64 Active Preamp for that extra output. Iím also working towards getting an ESP Ltd F-205 to stop those annoying moments when I try and learn a song, only to find that the damn bassist uses a 5-string.

 To complement the bass and give me a good, round low-end with a crisp punch I use a Behringer Ultrabass BX1200, a 120 watt amp combo with Dynamizer circuitry patented to stop unwanted feedback and Ultrabass technology to give me a lot more low-end without sacrificing volume, and the Shape control lets me manouvre the sound from round, mellow bass to crisp sharp attack.

 Now to see Isaacís Westfield beat that!



 An Ibanez Iceman!! Finally...

 Isaac got this (and a surprise amp) for christmas, and already heís dented it after getting in a temper and throwing his (also brand-new) Boss Equalizer pedal at it. The ICX120 is a 6-string budget version of the IC300 and IC400, a step lower than the IC200 (bloody confusing). If you imagine that Fender have Squier, ESP have Ltd, well, Ibanez manufacture the guitars with an ďXĒ in the model name (therefore IC120 becomes the ICX120 and the D120 becomes the DCX120 etc.). And in another ironic twist, Daron Malakian is releasing his Signature Baritone sometime this year, which is what Isaac wants. Ha! And its made out of basswood, proving that guitars are so crap that they donít even get their own type of wood...



 This isnít Bambiís drum kit, but nevertheless it will be given time (though his will also have 5 more toms, 7 more cymbals, perhaps an extra bass drum or just a double kick pedal).

 Bambi bought his Session Pro drum kit over eBay (brand new mind) for £130-while it was a drum kit, it wasnít amazing and Bambi has now set about modifying it to his standards.

Currently he has got a new Hi-Hat stand (Stagg!), a new Snare Skin (Remo!) and a Double Kick Pedal (Stagg!).

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