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 The band Crasis as a whole is a mixed style group, which is perfect for the actual meaning of the word Crasis (I’ve forgotten the meaning...go look it up). In my opinion (me being Twiggy), Isaac is generic mosher (people who like all types of rock in their own way, but don’t go extreme in their following), Bambi is a lot more punk than anything else, though his playing style doesn’t reflect it, and I am a lot more “extreme” apparently, according to Bambi and Isaac. Oh, and also, I shouldn’t wear black because I have pale skin and wear black (everyone say thank you to a well-known arrogant prick for that utterly confusing statement). But the main thing with each band member is our shared influences...System Of A Down, Cradle Of Filth etc. It is this that binds us together, and is also this that gives each of us our own styles that mixed with the others forms a tightly-woven musical structure. Here’s a list of bands who influence us, and why...


 System Of A Down! System are one of the most interesting, eclectic metal bands on the modern scene; they mix a lot of style into their music, with Serj’s melodic and extremely varied voice mixing with Daron’s maniac riffs that complement and battle with Serj’s magnicent vocals and finally backed up with inventive rhythm from Shavo and John.

System of a Down are quite possibly the best band in the world. When we first started as a fledgling band, we just played SOAD every time we practiced, and as such we borrowed their Drop D + 1 Step down tuning, Isaac has borrowed a lot of riff-building techniques from Daron, and Twiggy learnt bass purely by playing SOAD so he feels he has a connection with Shavo (weirdo). Bambi meanwhile, isn’t really influenced, but he does share one thing with John from System - both play maniac beats when they can, and both play whatever comes into their head (Salsa beats for Black Sabbath being an excellent example).


Cradle Of Filth

 Cradle of Filth were first discovered by Twiggy a whole year ago, when he bought a Kerrang! magazine that featured  a cover CD with “Presents From The Poison-Hearted” on it...Twiggy decided it was shite after listening to the first 10 seconds of it. But 2 weeks later, he listened to it further and decided that he liked it. Thus he went online and downloaded “The Rape And Ruin Of Angels”.

 A love affair was born, and Twiggy now ranks CoF highly in his favourites.

We’re influenced by CoF purely because we like the music. No fancy technical bull here, we just like it. Bambi loves the drumming...he just thinks it is amazing. “Damnation And A Day (From Genesis to Nemesis)” is possibly the most listened to album by the whole band, but Twiggy prefers songs from “Vempire (Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein)”. Bambi has started to get very Adtian-like in his skills, for which we are all proud.


Machine Head

 Isaac likes them. And I need a band to use this hilarious picture for.


Metallica are legendary for everything. No guitarist, bassist or drummer does not know how to play one of their songs, and if you don’t know but play one of these instruments, then you cannot say that you play it. Metallica are gods. Everything (though less respected after the Black album) of theirs is amazing. Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted are Twiggy’s gods, as well as Shavo.


Basically, if you took these bands together in one uholy matrimony you’d get a load of bollocks. So obviously, we don’t do that. Pretty much everything we do as a band comes from System Of A Down really, we learnt everything from playing their songs. Isaac doesn’t really have an influence off Machine Head, but Kie likes the drumming, Metallica are just so amazing that we all take influence off them (thought not as much Kie) and Cradle of Filth is something Isaac and Kie take after, Twiggy is too absorbed with Metallica to try and play any CoF.

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