Nest Of Twiggy
 Twiggy's Nest

 At The Moment Iím not on the internet, making this web-page, listening to Theory of a Deadman. Whoopidoo!!

 This is Twiggy, the bassist for Crasis, and I first started playing bass about a year ago when Kie and Isaac wanted me to become the bass player for their new band--this was early days, when none of us had equipment except for our ex-rhythm guitarist Alex Tuck, who we (well, Kie and Isaac) ditched for Jon Roberts, who...erm...yeah!

 Seeing as Iím not a founder of the band, I donít try and control it, but Iím always the one Kie and Isaac tell me to ask people for things (but I refuse most of the time, which doesnít work because they frustrate me for ages). This little webpage is going to be my little rant about nothing, with fuck all on here.

 Recent developments in Crasis: Drummer (Bambi/Kie) embarks on a new side-project with Octane as their drummer, whose previous drummer left after a mutual agreement. Hopefully it wonít cause too much weirdness between the bands, such as clashing gigs or recording etc. Though with our luck, this will most probably be the case.

Twiggy decides to buy another bass. I went on the ESP website, saw this ďCustom QuoteĒ thingy, and made my own bass online (an 8-string F-204 called the ďJudasĒ) which costs about £3000, so Iím now saving all my money towards that.

Isaac finalises his dealings about his new guitar. For christmas, heíll get an Ibanez ICX120 (Iceman with smaller body and white binding on the body). This should be good, and enable us to get much better, heavier sounds with more cutting edge twangs and twicks. And, finally, harmonics will work properly!!

 This has turned into a weird news page really, but I donít want to write another huuuuge bio of myself and Crasis. Next on the agenda, the miniscule pictures page.


You know what pisses me off right now, at 10 minutes past 11 on a Friday night? The fucking stupid assraped morons who gave kie a black eye, the fucking hypocrisy that is pointless, procrastination, luke fucking vanderbitch, i want to fucking watch him get ass-raped by fifty convicts and laugh as they rip his throat open. I want such simple things, yet they always see fit to fucking stop it, oh look, what fun, lets mess with his mind, it fucking pisses me off, one day Iíll mess with their mind, I think giving em a little brother would work, ass-rape their mothers until bastard children gets shat out of her fucking mouth while she screams for satan to help her. he couldnít help her if his life depended on it, he is the cause of everythnig, he wants bad Iíll fucking take him to hell and get him acquainted with hitler and his cronies. I want to play bass, I want to play for once with Kie actualyl there, playing with a good drum kit, with a good double-kick pedal, Isaac playing along, having a good fucking time and actually wanting to do fucking something, Iíd settle with living in my own house, with fifty hitmen to fight my battles, with fifty basses, fifty amps, fifty recording studios, fifty guitars, fifty guitar amps, fifty tama swingmasters with zildjian cymbals and remo skins and 100 bass drums. The fucking flies man, they fucking buzz.

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